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Birthday cake ice cream covered in whip cream with blue drizzle and coated with rainbow sprinkles
Mocha and chocolate ice cream marbled into a chocolate cookie crust. Topped with caramel fudge and roasted almonds.
Sliced Georgia peaches, farm ripened blueberries, brown sugar, sweetened cookie crust, cinnamon streusel.

Available in uncut, 12 and 14 cut.

Moist cinnamon spice cake, shredded carrots, raisins, sweetened cream cheese frosting, carrot cake crumbs.

Available in 12cut.

Sweetened cookie crust, brown sugar, molasses, chopped pecans, pure chocolate morsels, Kentucky bourbon, chocolate drizzle.

Available in uncut, 12 or 14 cut.

Chocolate devil’s food cake, rich chocolate truffle cream, dark chocolate fudge frosting.

Available in 12 or 14 cut.

Chocolate sponge cakes filled with chocolate ganache filling.

9 count.

Available in 12 or 14 cut.
Dark chocolate flourless brownie and rich chocolate fudge frosting. Available in 12cut.
Available in uncut, 12, or 14 cut.
Delicious new York style cheesecake swirled with green tea.
Matacha powdered lava cake with green lava center.

9 per case

Graham cracker cookie crust, tart key lime custard, fresh whipped cream, grated lime zest. Available in UNCUT and 12 cut.
Available in 12 or 14 cut.
Available in 12 or 14 cut.
“New York” style cheesecake, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, ginger, clove, graham cracker crust **SEASONAL** 12 Cut
Our new York style cheese with raspberry swirl.
Cocoa laced buttermilk sponge cake, sweetened cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake crumbs.

Available in 12cut.

New York style cheesecake with strawberry swirl.
Available in uncut or 12cut.
chocolate Devil’s food cake, rich chocolate mousse, sweet vanilla mousse, pure chocolate ganache.
Ricotta cheese, honey, eggs, sugar, vanilla, dark rum, sweetened cookie crust.

Available in 12cut.